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Aum Architects is all about getting the right Interior Design and/or Architecture for your home

Your home reflects a great deal about who you are. It's where memories are written; where you're most at ease; a place you always have a longing for. That being said, a house is not a home until the design and architecture are crafted to your personal specifications. We at Aum Architects want nothing more than to help you make your house a comfortable and welcoming home. We believe that your home should be nothing short of self-expression; an extension of yourself.

An Impressive Portfolio of Top Interior Designers and Modern Interior Designers

We provide innovative, reliable and experienced Residential Architects. At Aum Architects, we employ some of the best interior designers and architects in India. The services we provide include architectural, civil and interior designs.

We have offices located in Mumbai and Pune. Our reach covers 10 countries across the globe, some of which include areas in the UAE, Singapore and Spain. Our strength comes from is our team of 50 - all well equipped with the knowledge to understand the growing needs and requirements of the markets and trends. With high-end interior designers and interior architects, we don’t just aim to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. So we welcome you to Aum Architects, where we help you make the home of your dreams come true, after all home is where the heart is.