Tips for designing a start-up office

Tips for designing a start-up office

Interior Designing Tips to Create a Unique and Well Planned Start-Up Office

Designing the office of a start-up venture involves more than just picking out suitable start-up office furniture and arranging it neatly in a room. Since an office space is where people spend most of their day, it is important to carefully consider its design and layout. Creating a space that will boost productivity while also ensuring a relaxed environment, is the balance you need to seek when designing a start-up office. From furniture to colours, every element is vital to the design. Here are a few easy interior designing tips that can help you create a relaxed, yet engaging workspace –

A Functional and Open Design for a start-up office space

Communication is vital for any organization, which is why an open and aesthetically transparent interior design is ideal for a workspace. Avoid segregating an open space into sections that serve different functions through the use of large, visible barriers. Instead, allow these sections to flow into adjacent spaces; this can give the start-up office space an open, casual and distinct look and feel. If the space has large windows, you can use the natural light they offer and simultaneously create a welcoming ambience as well.

Roomy, casual workstations for smaller office spaces

If there’s one thing that a workstation should be, it’s roomy. Having adequate space to move around and store personal belongings makes an office area more desirable. A design is only successful when all of the available space has been utilized. So if separate work tables will take up more room, opt for long tables that can be separated into several workstations. If the space is large, centrally located workstations are an excellent choice. To give your start-up office décor a more ‘un-official’ look, you can try thicker table tops and staggered legs. This is a wonderful furniture interior designing tip that will give work stations a ‘floating’ appearance.

A cosy social lounge for your start-up office

If your start-up office design needs to have a social lounge for gatherings and informal meetings, creating a cosy space in one corner of the area is a good idea. It separates the ‘workspace’ from the ‘play zone’. Soft lighting, comfortable chairs and a snack counter are some of the things you could include in this space to make it more laid back and comfy. You can use loose furniture and lighting to give the space a playful feel.

Versatile meeting rooms

One of the most important elements in an office is the meeting room/s. Ideally, meeting rooms should be located away from the main work area; preferably towards one end of the office space. A good idea would be to design two medium sized meeting rooms that can be converted into one large conference room when needed.

An open reception area in your workspace

Using every inch of space in small start-up offices can be challenging, but it can also quite rewarding when done thoughtfully and creatively. For instance, if your start-up office design requires you to include a reception area, but you’re running short on space or simply do not want a separate reception, you can create a small seating space near the office entrance for a more informal waiting area.

Your Start-up logo and use of brand colours

When creating an office space, there are numerous interior designing tips that allow you to play around with the decor. But while doing so, make sure you include your brand name and brand colours to give employees a sense of belonging. Some of the things you need to keep in mind include having the brand name and logo on the front door of your office. Whether you opt for wallpaper or painted walls, ensure the colours you use are related to your brand logo and identity. A light colour palette is always refreshing and more welcoming.

If your start-up office layout allows it, you can also consider including a small library in one corner of the space. This will not only ensure you make optimum use of the vacant space but also offer employees a more constructive way to spend free time. Patterned floors and spacious washrooms that are not directly connected to the main work area are some other interior designing tips that you should keep in mind when designing your start-up office setup.

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