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Divergence is the key that drives the wheel of architecture on the highway of advancement and globalization. Meandering from the conventional typologies and creating an exquisite blend of projects of different prototypes, requirements and physical backdrops is what enriches the perception of an architect, keeping it driven towards the plethora of architectural intricacies available around the world. The Heilbronn Waves Enclave, a project designed by AUM Architects, is a straying genre in terms of its international scope and thus delved into varied range of disparate concepts and ideologies.

The design was conceived around the client’s desire of a contemporary living structure. The simplicity of form, at the initiation of the design itself, was planned to be portrayed as a morphogenesis of elusiveness and innovation. A subtle addition of unusual forms like appending designed lattices is the prime facet that grants the facade with accentuating asset. Modeled around American houses, Dubai attracts numerous international visitors making it a perfect spot to showcase such architectural finesse.

The project is an array of thirteen individual houses with a subtle addition of an unusual form of furnishing. The influence of ingenuine perception is evident from the manner in which the functionally divergent units of housing have been amalgamated to appear as a single structure. The planning within the individual houses, on the ground level, is quite susceptible to community interactions incorporating a front and back yard. Moreover, the floor comprises of additional cognitive arenas and a terrace supplemented with the crucial spaces in this residence design.

In order to cope with the environmental patterns of the local environ of Dubai, the façade treatment has been implemented with fiber cement board, thus rendering it safe from weathering agents. However, these boards have been given a wooden textured finish to create an accentuating facet in the first glimpse. Influenced by local motifs and geometric intricacies of Arabian patterns, the design of the façade , appears greatly influenced from the local styles and hence blends into the picturesque panorama of the cityscape. Minimalism has been implemented as a concept and only insights of ornamentation in the overall design are seen as part of the facade treatment and the gate design. Along with imbibing an alluring aura, the façade treatment has been utilized to create an illusion of height, by amalgamating the treatment panels of both the floors into a single membrane. Alternatively, monotony of the repetitive double skin facade has been interrupted by projected roof extensions.

Overcoming the definitive building laws of the neighborhood, the design of the Weaves Enclave, successfully concocts the architectural style of Dubai blending it exquisitely with the finesse of AUM Architects.

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