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Villas are sojourns inculcated with luxury and relaxation. Primarily designed as a country- abode, Villas are mostly designed on the lines of a house, but they are known for their evident extravagance. These luxurious living spaces usually include enveloping gardens, vineyards or courtyards with water fixtures, like pools and fountains; depending upon the typology being designed. Therefore, villas present a finer eccentricity of elegance that consist of a magnanimous planning layout and an even amplified execution ideology.

A brief overview…

A villa can constitute approximately 20 bedrooms which atypically have a more opulent feel to them as compared to a general residence project. The idea is to grant the user, a feeling of intimacy and seclusion while providing a tranquil persona to the sphere. Location and climate are the key aspects to consider while designing a villa, keeping in mind the inmates’ comfort and privacy. The interior spaces may or may not correspond with the outdoors, depending upon the selected design process, amalgamating the intimate factor and it’s out of the ordinary visual appeal.

Typologies and their traditional appeal..

Evolved from the Roman antiquity, villas back then were affluent villages built on a grand scale, and often incorporated expansive landscaping and vineyards. Roman Emperor Hadrian’s villa in Tripoli with its grandiose architecture and prepossessing gardens is one popular example of the Roman villas. Design of such eclectic habitats were also visualised during the colonial era. Baroque grill patterns, awnings and French windows were predominant features of these architectural marvels. We, as one of the best architects in Mumbai, have ventured into designing numerous such structures; some of which have been inspired from these intricate traditional styles. The Adels Villa, for instance, resonates the most classic and elegant look of a villa design. It has been inculcated with high pillars, intricate capital details and French windows. The aptly complementing green tiled roof amalgamated with the ornate doors accomplishes the required finesse.

Yet another varied typology implemented by the best architects in Mumbai as a part of the AUM team includes blending modern design elements with ostentatiousness, that pertain to the urban façade visible today. The Gurnani Villa is one such instance which encompasses a lavish design scheme blended with the finesse of fine modernist elements. The exuberance has been amalgamated into the project through the implementation of cantilevered ceilings with defined punctures to add a defined look to the structure. The classic glass façade complemented with wooden textured veneer, checkered wall panels and the touch of focal lights render the entire proposal in an aura of magnificence.

Façade treatment and circumscribed aura..

Any structure marks its character through the guise that is interpreted by the viewer and the user. Enhancing the façade with complying elements and facets that impart their innate personality into the design, aid to create a bold and timeless panoramic frame. A design can idealised to be internationally influenced, by incorporating simple material palette like Greg Villa, outlined by us, incorporates sandstone cladding, terracotta coloured shingle roof to portray an American influence. Further accentuated with arched openings and wooden windows complying with the theme, the realm acquires a sophisticated schema. Contrary to a classic sandstone appearance, the Jeswani Villa implemented by the best architects in Mumbai, includes laser cut patterns blended in the landscaping that comply with the design scheme of the entire structure. Possessing a pristine white appearance owing to the marble cladding on the façade, the picturesque click portrays a gaudy ambiance.

Depending upon the need of the client, the overall scheme can that is communicated can also portray a particular genre of architectural construction. Nasir Villa, another project done by us exemplifies this perception. Concocted with both traditional and modernist values, this 4500 sq. Ft. bungalow in Dubai, has successfully deconstructed the Islamic motif to impart a one-of-a-kind look. The design envelopes interesting elements throughout and are just not concentrated on the front façade. Vertical elements added in the form of massing further accentuates the structure.

To thus conclude..

The culminating objective while designing a villa, is divergent from any other typology of structure, is its requisite of redefining ‘luxury’ outside the regime of the traditional opulence while serving an noteworthy experience to its users.As the best architects in Mumbai, we at AUM prefer to initiate and complete each Villa with according to the desires of the client, while delivering a economically & functionally viable layout.

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