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Ekta Oculus – a Luxurious Apartment in Mumbai,

Luxurious 4 bed apartment in Chembur designed and executed by Aum Architects.

Art Deco Mumbai Apartment

The aesthetics unite the various sections of the long passage with various elements of Art Deco. The passage – kitchen and the living room have been done in complementary colour scheme whereas the master bedroom is a distinct representation of the same style.

Best of Bedroom Designs

From Classical style to Art deco, here are some of the best-designed bedroom by Aum Architects from different projects around the World.

Best of Kitchen designs

Apartments and villas, each kitchen opulently designed to attract the attention of the users and blending with the decor of the entire house.

Best of Dining areas

Dedicated Dining room designs styles along with smaller space within the kitchen, view all the amazing designs created by Aum Architects across its projects around the world.

Start-up office for Chillr

Tasked with creating a laidback, youthful office for a tech company, Aum Architects created a warm, vibrant workspace at this 2816 sq ft site in Mumbai. The Chillr office achieves its unconventional, casual look by splitting the open floor into two clear halves – a workspace and a recreational lounge modelled like a cafe.

10 Bedroom Luxury Apartment

10 Bedroom Luxury Apartment in Hiranandani Basilius, Mumbai | Interior Design