Regardless of the size of house, small or large, well-furnished or not, there are three significant areas in each house: bedroom, living room and kitchen. All three of them have distinct purposes and functionality such as the bedroom is for unwinding and rest while the living room is where loved ones meet up and celebrate. The kitchen is where meals are cooked and the best residential architects and interior designers in Mumbai, Aum Architects believe that the Kitchen speaks to the ‘Fire’ component, possesses the ability to consume all the antagonism and satisfies any needs of the house. According to Vastu Shastra, a kitchen made considering Vastu tips brings karma, satisfaction, bounty and riches in the family. It is an abundant source of joy and delight which counter attacks all the hurtful vibrations and malevolence from the house. Developing a kitchen as per the principles given in Vastu Shastra has consistently been valuable for the family from ages.

It is highly recommended by top interior designers to build the kitchen as indicated by Vastu Shastra to dodge well being related issues like deadly sicknesses, demise, undesirable sensitivities and ailment. In addition to that it avoids money related misfortunes, disintegration and division amongst family, so on and so forth. Aum Architects have laid out 10 tips for kitchen vastu shastra welcoming the Fire God in the house:

  1. Location for the Kitchen: Kitchen mirrors the spirit of the family and structures a basic piece of the house. It has the ability to upgrade the air of the house whenever put in the correct corner. The perfect area to build a kitchen as indicated by Vastu Shastra is a South-east corner of the kitchen. This corner is viewed as the best as all the components of fire are administered from this corner. On the off chance that, south-east corner isn't accessible; at that point the following best choice is the north-west corner of the house.
  2. Placement of Gas Stove: Kitchen isn't called kitchen without a gas stove. It is where the meal is cooked, and the best spot to fix the gas stove is again Southeast way. The components of fire set right now the best that is the reason it is prudent to cook confronting the east side of the kitchen.
  3. Placement of Sink and Taps: A sink and taps are introduced in the kitchen to make it simple to utilize water for various purposes. Water is utilized in the kitchen for cooking, cleaning and washing of dishes. Putting sinks and taps in the kitchen demonstrates water stream and introducing them in the North-east heading and away from a gas stove is the most appropriate choice. Water and fire are repulsing components and getting them far from one another are the best.
  4. Placement of Refrigerator: There are two different ways to keep the fridge, it is possible that it very well may be set in the kitchen or it can be put outside in the lounge area or living region. On the off chance that, the fridge is set in the kitchen; at that point it ought to be set in the south-west bearing however keeping at any rate a foot away from the floor. It is a great idea to dodge north-east bearing for the cooler as it turns into an obstruction in the kitchen.
  5. Placement of Exhaust Fans and Windows: No room can work without windows introduced. Particularly with regards to Kitchen, a fumes fan and windows are significant. A couple of windows in the kitchen are must to keep the zone breathable and ventilated. The east side of the kitchen is most appropriate for windows and fumes fans, and on the off chance that there are ventilators introduced, the south course is fitting.
  6. Placement of Electrical Appliances: A cutting edge kitchen is brimming with electrical apparatuses like an espresso producer, microwave, enlistment cooker, and so on. With regards to utilizing electrical machines in the Kitchen, keeping them in the south or south-east bearing is the best. Abstain from keeping any of the machines in the North-east heading.
  7. Placement of Storage: Kitchen requires an appropriate organizer and drawers to store grains and flavors. Indeed, even there must be some space to keep ceramics, utensils, and so on that is the reason southern and western dividers are liked. Maintain a strategic distance from north and east side dividers.
  8. Placement of Drinking water vessels: Many individuals utilize earthen pots, channels and store water in bottles for everyday use. On the off chance that there is any channel, RO or earthen pot in the kitchen, putting them in the north-east heading is viewed as propitious.
  9. The floor of the Kitchen: Choosing the correct floor for the kitchen is significant. There are such a large number of things in the kitchen that can make an issue to the ground surface. As per Vastu Shastra, utilizing fired tiles, mosaic and marble are the best alternatives for the deck. Abstain from utilizing the wood floor in the kitchen as it tends to be unsafe.
  10. Color for the Kitchen: A kitchen must be roomy, perfect and brilliant. It must look astounding and new at whatever point an individual enters the zone. Picking the hues for the kitchen is a colossal assignment, as they can change the entire viewpoint of the spot. Abstain from utilizing dull hues like dark and dim for the kitchen as they draw in pessimism. You can generally decide on warm and energetic hues like green, red, yellow, chocolate dark colored, rose and orange. You can likewise make a mix of two hues and make a mysterious kitchen for your home.

Apart from the things listed above it is important to keep in mind that a strategic distance has to be maintained from under the sanctuary or pooja room and washroom. Keeping waste material and undesirable things in the kitchen causes financial, and medical problems in the family. Also setting the gas stove legitimately before the passage entryway needs to be avoided at all costs. To summarize, nothing is a higher priority than the well-being of the family and these tips should be followed to carry on with an enduring solid life.

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