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Sustainability and ‘green’ interior design reduce the negative impact on the environment. It can range from utilization of endurable rainwater harvesting techniques to employing bamboo. AUM Architects through their innovative outlook on sustainable construction has become paramount in natural resource conservation.

Sustainability refers to a condition where human and nature can coexist as they encompass a more global approach and green connotes to the energy efficiency sources. Even though the words ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ are often used interchangeably but a huge distinction exists between the two.

>Interior design has been changing since its inception. Interior design is a way to peek into any of the unengaged spaces that are lifeless, abreast the incorporation of sustainability approach. The curriculum of Architecture has always been developing as assimilating modern techniques should be ecologically efficient as people and be able to interact with their surrounding spaces.

Establishing sustainable interiors requires small alterations in the conventional practices to create a suitable indoor environ as per the variant climatic conditions. Magnanimous steps or intricate technicalities are not required for the implementation of a sustainable interior design scheme. However, architects of the era have imbibed the importance of using sustainable concepts which has affected the perception of the patrons, reflecting a nation-wide positive response on the same.

The population is conscious about the intersectionality between people, community and interiors of a building. Now, the clients persuade the designers to create an environmentally responsible indoor environment which has a calming effect in general having natural elements. When a client talks about inclusion of natural elements, a designer should aim to develop a connection between human and natural components.

We, at AUM Architects, have a goal of establishing for longevity as we focus on durable and timeless spaces. The best way to achieve that goal is to choose quality over quantity and blend functionality with apt embellishments. Indoor air pollution, one of the five biggest environmental threats to public health according to the Environmental Agencies, primarily requires complete elimination to impart an enhanced quality of life. Improving the quality of the indoor environment through improved natural ventilation and infusion of natural vitality, are a few of the options that may be resorted to while creating an contemporary interior design.

There are different features that maybe inculcated to create a sustainable indoor structure such as using reflective surfaces so as to reduce the profound usage of artificial lights and maintain an ambient indoor temperature. Using low-maintenance indoor landscaping schemes, reducing VOC emission through utilization of high-quality emulsions and minimizing artificial modes of temperature control : are a few other design facets that maybe refereed to as ‘green gadgets’. These aid in the curation of an efficient composition, involving the well-being of its users/residents.

With the changing global patterns, the influence of sustainable approaches is achieving paramount importance and it is an imperative aspect of interiors that the architects of today’s contemporary era should instill in their ideologies.

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