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A home is defined by its intricately designed spaces, agglomerated to create a realm of comfort and ensure a sense of tranquility. Each resident commemorates a series of memories from the moment they house a place. An architecturally sound design plays a significant role in contributing to the psychological and sociological factors. This effectively moulds a person’s personality, using a space for maximum part of their day. The founding Principal of AUM Architects - Ar. Manish Dixit, believes in designing spaces with a minimalistic modern approach to amalgamate the interests of the client, while valuing traditions to impart a redefining design.

Designing and planning of a residential space can be confidently termed as a reflection of the patron’s preferences and is influenced by a plethora of technical factors such as climatology, physiological aspects of a site, geographical locations, demographics of neighboring site, requirements of the user, availability of materials to name a few. Residential design has been evolving with time, cutting facets of foundation for an exceptional work.

The quality of life has been growing in an exponential graph with improved standards of living striving for a healthier and serene environment, which has ultimately attracted the increasing urban population. This has been one of the key elements in redefining the dynamic trend of residential architecture. Decades ago, town planning and urban planning were taking a huge leap in terms of enhancing their levels, yet residential projects as individual units were often lost in the crowd. Now, attention to detail, building vernacular structures and being complacent with the site - has been the motto for a number of renowned architects. Some of the famous projects such as Falling Waters by F.L Wright or Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier portray a perfect example of this evolving vibe of abode designing.

Optimal space utilization has become the need of the hour to create compact designs, catering to the ever growing urban population. Countries like Japan and China have successfully adorned the latest technology and flexible furniture to compose such residences. Nonetheless, basic modernist and de-constructivist concepts, have metamorphosed from classical, art deco, art nouveau ideologies. Fabricating concepts of green architecture such as rain water harvesting, re-usable material usage for construction, vernacular designs - have become mandatory for the current scenario and future as well. The emerging ideas of sustainability are a crucial turning point that are aiding in creation of a healthier and more energy-efficient aura around the inhabitants.

A drastic transition can be seen from generic designs to theme based innovation and has become a popular demand. AUM architects, have amalgamated features like colour and material palette into their residential projects in Thane and Chembur, and worked with a varied range of materials to comprehend a luxurious yet concept-oriented living ambiance. This has been an essential development for residential projects that has revolutionized the design aspect by complying with a unifying theme.

Thus, amalgamating a user- friendly space planning and a relatable décor while maintaining the micro-climate in its blooming status, is what circumscribes the residences of today and the imminent future.

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