Innovative ways to use ‘Green’ in Architecture

AUM Architects are committed to making a better living environment for all the inhabitants of the buildings as well as the neighbors & visitors. They are a leading architecture and interior firm based in Mumbai looking for innovative ways to incorporate greenery in every way possible.

The need for green is evident in our everyday life. The extensively polluted spaces crave for greenery. Urban scenarios especially need green to provide physical and psychological comfort. Though we human beings are social animals we are a part of a bigger ecology, it is naive to think we are above that. Even if you are living the most luxurious life in a penthouse suite, as a human being you will crave for some greenery. This craving is not only natural but it is literally a part of our psyche.

When you feel a little low, it’s amazing how a walk in the park can do wonders. That’s because when we get in touch with nature, we reduce mental fatigue and stress, while increasing relaxation and self-esteem. Even brief exposure to nature has been shown to make us more altruistic and cooperative.

Further studies have also shown that they can improve concentration, ability to think, and even improve productivity at work. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, plants, trees, etc, have nothing but positive effects on human beings.

Here are a few projects where we have tried to incorporate green in the best way possible:

1. Greg Villa
aum blog

2. Adel’s Villa, Dubai
aum blog

3. Gurnani Villa
aum blog

4. Tirupati Residence
aum blog

5. Tirupati Vasantam
aum blog

6. Pinnacle House
aum blog

In the above-shown projects, green can be used in multiple ways and for multiple functions. It can be an external part of the villa. It can also be a part of closed interiors on the penthouse of a building. The need of green can be met in multiple ways. But, it is important to understand what kind of plants can be used where.