In a world of stress and consuming energies, the source of positive vibrations are essential. AUM Architects, known amongst the best interior designers in Mumbai truly believes in bringing the blissful living to the clients with the application of designing interiors with science Vastu. While investing in a house, a common being inspects various aspects like cost, area and surroundings but the Vastu being the prime one. It should be considered in the dwelling space for happiness, peace and constant flow of energies throughout its surroundings. It is basically a mechanism of placing various spaces in respect to the definite direction of the site provided the theory proves to ensure growth, peace and prosperity to human life.

Manish Dikshit, an expert in the residential sector makes sure to establish the Vastu principles in all of his beautiful projects which include the ideal planning and placement of rooms. For instance, the direction of entry and exit passage along with placement of furniture and lights shall be according to the Vastu. Construction done on the basis of Vastu Shastra was believed to be auspicious and a source of good fortune. The principles align the flow of energy in the right direction which has the power to eradicate the negativity from the house. Since, there are three forces in action which are wind, water and fire to create harmony. Therefore, these are kept at pertinent places for peace and prosperity. In total, there are eight directions – North, South, East and West called as cardinal directions and NE,SE,SW,NW are termed as intercardinal.

AUM Architects preserve these specific directions in relation to the placement of various spaces which compose a house.

Intended to design structures which integrate architecture with nature , functionality of diverse parts and directional alignments. According to Hindu mythology, an architecture system embraces the power of five basic elements – air, water,earth,fire and space. The specified system helps in organizing different spaces in respect to their relative function and usage. AUM Architects, Top interior designers in Mumbai, believes to safeguard the living and the surroundings in compliance to the principles of Vastu Shastra to manifest a better and a happier life. In the modern world, with a growing thought process it is equally important to adhere to our spiritual values for our lasting soul. Therefore, orientation of Chakras of the body with a living space is very crucial to impart all the cosmic energies to our surroundings.

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