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The pragmatic art of designing commercial spaces, have seen a humungous paradigm shift since its inception in the late 19 th and early 20 th century. From being employees restricted in cubical ‘bull pen’ formal layouts, the users have now been able to witness areas that encourage inter and intra departmental collaboration; aimed at considering the comfort of the individuals while they are streamed towards the completion of their daily ethical errands. With the realization, that work productivity is pertinently influenced by psychological factors of the users, the entire scheme of interior design governing the curation of several commercial arenas have evolved for the attainment of formidable purposes.

Planning Configurations
The concept of open planned offices have gained a considerable vantage since the inception of collaborative work spaces. These formats of planning not only aid in creating a cognitive environment for the employees but also tend to blend spaces of divergent activity preferences into a harmonious string. For instance, in one of our recently completed projects: the Timex Office, even though the conference spaces are segregated with specific vertical interfaces, it has been strategically imparted with a visual connectivity with the adjoining work stations through glazed membranes. Such minute intricacies have helped us to be recognized as one of the best interior designers in Mumbai, owing to our non-stereotypical thought processes while catering to any space of this contemporary era.

The natural element
The fact is that most of the commercial spaces exist in metropolitan areas where people live and work indoors 90% of the time. This has led to a much imperative inclusion of natural aspects in a workplace which tend to make users feel calmer, happier and healthier. Usage of green walls, water trickling faucets, vitality infusing materials; together culminate to create a relatable ambiance with reduced stress levels. Increased introduction of natural light into a commercial scheme, is yet another pertinent factor that amalgamates to positively increase the energy levels of the working individuals and thus influence the productivity rate. Ar. Manish Dikshit, tagged as one of the best interior designers in Mumbai and the country, believes in instilling natural vibes throughout each contemporary scenario as evident from his design of the ‘Chillr Office’, which does nor fail to supplement the colorful hues, with streams of natural rays appearing from the magnanimous glazed surfaces.

Design and decor
With the changing tides, the generic color palettes governing the design of commercial spaces have seen a radical shift. From the usage of mere monotones, cacophonous vibrancy has found a subtle blend with the classic greys and whites. Even the best interior designers of Mumbai, a commercial hub of the country, have realized the portentous requirement of accentuated hues in influencing the perspectives of the working individuals. BC Webwise, one of our most celebrated commercial projects, may be observed with rainbow tinted glasses for the exuberance that it bears on account of the multifarious shades and colors utilized to concoct the composition. In compliance with the color palette, lighting fixtures and integral facets of décor also can be seen donning impactful shades of their own.

A talented and experienced commercial architect has the innate ability to mold the space to manifest the moto of the organization. They can improvise to create spaces of sustenance, economic and environmental viability and above all user-friendliness. We, at AUM Architects, thrive on fast-paced projects, communicating the needs and visions of businesses while creating spaces that bedazzles everyone. With our team comprising of the best Architects in Mumbai, we aim to excel in each project that is delivered on our accord, redefining the face of architectural design with contextual stability. Each of the commercial projects undertaken by us, have evolved as trend-setters for numerous architectural edifices, owing to the success and comfort that we tend to sprinkle along with providing a functional configuration.

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