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Analogous to favourite wardrobe styles, every home has a personality too. It can be shaped by the neighbourhood, family lifestyle or the geographical position one lives in. Choosing a colour should reflect its personality of being stately – with a refined and subdued colour palette or it can be young and hip with trendy colours that are out of the box.

Colours have become a part of expression in the modern era. Be it Residential, Hospitality or commercial, colours of the divergent building typologies speak for themselves. One can utilise a specific colour scheme for a residence but the same palette won’t go for hospitality or commercial sectors. With the passing eras, the perception of different tints and shades have evolved, along with their interpretations and vitality factor. Earlier colours like Beige, Brown, and Golden were mostly preferred by in an opulent setting. As the wheel of time evolved, these colours also found their place in generic arenas like the bedroom or the living room.

The plethora of colours that envelop our world have specific effects on the elevation or degradation of one’s disposition . They showcase the personality of an individual and pertains the capacity of influencing any emotion, from tranquillity to rage. The deluge of colours that we observe around us have crucial roles to play and each corresponds to an absolute psychological facet. The colour theory proves that tints of blue render the aura of calmness, whereas its shades impart a diminishing feeling and do not reciprocate excitement. Yellows and reds are warmer tinges and hence are apt for high activity realms but is not a successful choice for a retiring ambiance.

Colours do not just resonate one’s personality, but if used properly can even amplify or curtail the spaciousness of a space. Lighter colours have the ability to transform confining and uncomfortable small room to give the appearance of enormity. Darker shades, on the other hand, absorb light and make the room appear small and limiting. A darker toned ceiling helps to reduce the uncanny massiveness and create a more humane arena.

It’s very important to find the colour inspiration if one wants to give a personal touch to the area they live in. Before choosing a specific colour one should allow themselves to search for palette inspiration anywhere – in contemporary designs, or historical art; in online sources, or print sources. The eyes are used to adoring natural colour schemes. If one takes inspiration from the environment, the combinations are endless. Landscapes, greenery, fruit; all things natural can be amazing, and these are easily accessible and free sources of colour inspiration. Another good technique to build the colour choice’s strength and the effect is familiarizing with the colour scheme.

In the end, the only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that colours can make things beautiful and tranquil, or menace and sharp, the choice is up to one self, because it all boils down to a careful and in deliberate use of hues. Whether one gets influenced by things around them, find it in the outdoors, or just make them up as they go, a good palette often leads to a good design so it’s always good to experiment with a few different techniques to bring some life into the design. As interior designers of Mumbai, our designers believe in the apt usage of the varied colours and hues to concoct a space that is befitting to its users and to the design conception.

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