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The net savvy generation, that we are inevitable residents of, has enabled the spread of knowledge on a magnanimous scale. Everyone has access to the plethora of information through the various modems of technology. Thus, the Client today too is not ignorant and has the required acuity which enables them to depict their aspirations to the architect in a more defined manner. This enables the designer to accomplish the desired resultant within the time frame and deliver with excellence. However, there are a few distinct facets that have to be taken into account to avoid any conflict of any genre.

Understanding the psychology of the client
It is next to impossible to understand what the consumer exactly demands out of the proposal. A more simplified way, is to first allow the client to deliver all about his perception to the architect. This aids the designer to have an insight, into the thinking of the person on the other side of the table, and cater to his requirements with more finesse and expertise. This, in turn, helps to reduce the abyss of clashes.
Design in the business of architecture, is a resultant emerging out of the rendezvous of functionality, features of the site, technicalities related to the building type and a dash of grandeur and aesthetics. To a client, it is a project that needs to compliment his commercial status, abide by his personal tastes and meet up the due time so that maximum measure of profits may be attained. Thus, it becomes inevitable to imbibe the acumen of the client and present a proposition which is at par with his aspirations.

Strategy at hand
Being responsive to the client’s notion does not necessarily mean that the architect’s approach can totally be buried at the inception itself. Strategically, the designer has to inculcate what he or she thinks because there is a level of expertise that the professional possesses and it is always beneficial to the project. It is the architect’s scheme on the business of architecture, that will deliver the best possible ‘architectural solution’ by fusing both his proficiency and the client’s aspirations. The game plan can be evolved in two manners. Either the architect, post understanding the client’s concept, convinces him to not completely astray from his views but rather find a suitable mix of both viewpoints. In some cases, if this is totally not on the cards, it is better to flow with the tide and deliver the way the patron wants.

Accepting challenges
As an architect, it is primarily important to redefine the enterprise handed over, by the challenges that are offered, rather than constricting oneself by them. The riddles that often come as a part and parcel of the package, help give the proposal a fresh new vibe and perspective rather than destroying it. The procedure with which the designer tackles these hurdles in the business of architecture is what renders the design aftermath with its uniqueness.

The probable disparity
At the genesis of any project in the architectural business, when it is transmitted over from the client’s end to the architect, the plausible problem emerges then. There is a span of perceptive disparity that strikes between the client’s presumptions on the project and the designer’s vision of appeal. The prime reason for this difference of opinion, is that, the designer’s views are highly influenced by his or her own strengths based on architectural concepts and theories, for example, colour theory, contemporary history or climate responsiveness. These factors, irrespective of their relevance or importance to the project at hand, are not relatable to the client. He bases his ideas on his previous experience of visual perception to a project, of similar typologies.

For the final closure, it is indispensable for both parties at hand to relatively fathom the ideas of the other. The client needs to comprehend the expertise a professional designer brings along and the architect needs to interpret the client’s prerequisite focal points on the project. Being leading consultants in interior and architectural services, we at AUM Architects try to cater to the desires of the client by polishing it with the prowess we possess. We believe, that since the end result is crucial for both companies and helps wind the wheel of architectural business, the aim should be to reduce the semblance of ‘design versus client’ and rather comply both into a harmonious cacophony.

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