Changing trends in interior design with the advent of the new year

In 2021, the world faced major cultural rifts that were being mended. At the same time, the creative world of interior design re-innovated itself, with design strategies centering around reinvigorating ideas, bold colors, and textures being used liberally in the ethos of modern interior design. In the upcoming year, we at Aum Architects predict that the trends that will define 2022 will be oriented around concrete sustainability and highly personalized interiors that cater uniquely to each client. At the same time, 2022 is the year of Tiger, so the designs that the public will naturally gravitate towards will be bold, boisterous, and zestier in nature.

One of the first trends anticipated to take over the world in 2022 is the rise of maximalism. This trend is the total opposite of the Scandinavian minimalist trend, popular over the previous two years. Instead of neutrals, simple linework art, and simple lines, people will clamour towards non-sterile interiors. After having spent the better half of two years indoors, people are tired of looking at the same boring and lackluster minimalist trends. Wiggly and whimsical design patterns will be soon in vogue. For instance, the simple neutral tonal palette will be replaced by a tonal palette rooted in rich cerulean blue, peach pink, and emerald greens. In such cases, neutrals will be serving as a supporting color rather than being the focus of the palette. Going in a similar direction, Gothic architecture will also see a huge resurgence. So exaggerated silhouettes will be in. A brand new concept of “avant basic” design will be a massive trendsetter for 2022. It basically calls for bright interiors with plenty of Gen X decor options being seen, such as DIY rugs, acrylic decor pieces, and warm lighting.

Iconic statement pieces are always a fan favourite. They serve as the focal point for numerous rooms. For instance, an Eames chair will always take the spotlight no matter what room it has been placed in. Now, as real estate stresses more on luxury, people are opting for modular and multifunctional furniture pieces. These pieces are crucial to saving space in apartments with relatively less storage space. Such modular furniture is also inspired by retro pieces that were popular in the 1970s, like chunky and Mah Jong sofas that are in trend. Multifunctional furniture that can be transformed into various shapes and sizes, such as a pull-out shoe rack under the staircase or sofa-cum-beds are having their time in the sun. Maximalism is an overarching trend that dictates the fabric used in these pieces and the location of these pieces. As many are looking to convert their spare room into a home office/study area, multifunctional and modular furniture pieces are their best bet to preserve space while looking aesthetically pleasing as well.

With more time spent indoors, many people are looking to increase their time spent with nature. It has been observed that over the past couple of years, people are choosing to stay indoors with their plants or integrating a terrace garden in their balconies and rooftops rather than go outside in public parks in order to maintain social distance. Apart from selecting big plants, there is a resurgence in the use of natural fabrics and materials such as reclaimed wood, marble, and terracotta. Natural materials elaborate backsplashes, countertops, and even make for beautiful crockery sets. The rawness and porousness of these natural elements have an inviting warm accent, giving depth to any given room. A certain panache and soul are added to a room when natural materials are incorporated. While mimicking the great outdoors, even the imperfections that they carry add a rustic charm and dimension to rooms. There is a therapeutic ambiance attached to these materials. The allure of nature has also encouraged people to tend to plants or create a windowsill herb garden useful in cooking.

An increasing amount of research is done before the general public embraces any given trend. As designs and trends seem to have a great influence over our moods by drastically changing the aesthetic of a space, people are making bold choices that create positive energy and seamless harmony within their safe havens.

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