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Interior Works

  • Preparing overall layout, elevations and perspective drawings.
  • Providing detailed drawings to the contractors of various facilities like Civil, Carpentry, False/Suspended Ceiling, Electrical, Plumbing, Air-Conditioning, and Acoustics and so on.
  • Carrying out periodic site to ensure quality and progress of the work.
Commercial Interior Design Our number one priority while designing a commercial interior space at Aum Architects is to breathe new life into your organization, enhance employee morale and catch the attention of clients and their businesses.
Bedroom Design The importance of a well designed bedroom is one of the most underestimated parts of residential interior design. Your bedroom is the only space in your life that is definitively and uncompromisingly yours.
Residential Interior Design Residential interior design refers to the creation of interiors that embody one's fine personal taste all while upholding a primary need - functionality.
Restaurant Design To set yourself apart, you require not only good food and service, but also a dining setting that is unique, and that contributes to the experience of visiting your restaurant.
Kitchen Design What really makes a house a home? Arguably, the kitchen. Whether large or small, it’s where the meals are created – it fuels the family and brings people together.
Retail Interior Design Efficient retail design can represent your company’s material space in the best conceivable way to maximise sales.
Shop Interior Design Our designers base their architectural decision making on a thorough analysis of what consumers are looking to experience when they are drawn into a store.