Celebrity Homes That Will Make You Go WOW!

Oct 17, 2014


From swanky, A-List neighbourhoods to inspirational designs, lavish decor and splendour, the homes of our favourite celebrities never fail to leave us awestruck with their grandeur. While most celebrity homes across the world are opulent and tastefully done, here are a few chosen ones that will definitely make you go WOW!

George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra
Nestled on the banks of the Lake Como in Laglio (Italy), this gorgeous 25-room villa exudes unbound charm, and is known for its classy decor. Hailed by the actor for being an oasis of tranquillity, the Villa Oleandra provides a fascinating view of the glistening lake and lush-green countryside. It boasts of an indoor swimming pool, an extensive garage for hi-end motorbikes and a theatre. In fact, parts of the movie ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ were shot here, and as per recent reports, the villa has been declared as a no-go zone by a vicinity of hundred metres, owing to the paparazzi upsurge eager to cover the star’s wedding.

Drew Barrymore’s Montecito Mansion
This stunning $6.35 Million Mansion located in California, is indeed a modern architectural gem. Set amidst sprawling gardens abound with Citrus and Avocado Trees, the elegant Montecito Mansion has traces of the New England-Style of architecture, and boasts of elegant mouldings, ornate wooden panels and a beautiful landscape. Equipped with a separate guest wing and two-car garage, this mansion may not be very big, but with its sheer elegance, it certainly is the mansion of your dreams!

Oprah’s Hearst Castle
When it comes to living life ‘queen-size’, the one celebrity that occupies the prime spot is Oprah. Her luxurious 42-acres Georgian-style mansion in Santa Barbara boasts of ten fireplaces, six bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, a separate tea house and outhouse. Noteworthy of mention is its lovely indoor lake with fish, and lavish landscaping that includes 600 rose bushes, apart from the regal decor. While this iconic celebrity host purchased this mansion at $50 million in 2001, its present estimated cost is a whooping 165$ million!

Christina Anguilera’s Eccentric Abode
Known for her untamed and Bohemian taste in home decor, this famous pop singer’s erstwhile house was a delightful amalgamation of vibrant concert costumes, bordello-style furniture and vibrant, colourful patterns, a true embodiment of her adventurous spirit. She has recently purchased a Mediterranean-style $10 million mansion in Beverly Hills, which boasts of 6 bedrooms, 8 baths, a saltwater pool and spa, a bath-house, gazebo and outdoor barbeque.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Los Angeles Mansion
While this much-adored celebrity-couple owns houses in New York, Italy, Malibu and New Orleans, their spectacular Los Angeles Mansion is the talk of the town, with its exclusive Skate Park, splendid layout and amazing landscape.

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