5 Coolest Workplaces

Feb 23, 2015


Residential Architects would vouch for the fact that home is where the heart is, but your workplace is literally the place where you spend almost half your lifetime! Research has proven that organized and ambient workplaces boost employee productivity, while cramped and chaotic workplaces wreak havoc on employee psyche. This is exactly why the best interior architects are being roped in by organizations across the world to create an aesthetic working environment.

Architects in Mumbai can certainly derive inspiration from the following examples of the 5 coolest workplaces in the world:-

1. Googleplex

With its corporate headquarters officially known as Googleplex in Mountain View California, Google definitely tops the list of the coolest workplaces in the world. To start with, here you have giant slides to take employees on a free-flowing joyride down from floor to floor! A lot of famous interior designers have been roped in to create a highly refreshing and innovative work environment not only at its headquarters, but across its other offices in the world.

2. Facebook 

How can you not fall in love with your workplace that has a full-fledged game room dedicated to video games? That’s exactly why Facebook Headquarters at Menlo Park, California certainly deserves the second position on this list. Bored out of your wits with the office monotony and piling work from clients. Take a break and freshen up your mind with a quick game of Dragon Age or Tears to Tiara! Also, the stylish interior decor is a testament to the hard work of the commercial architects.

3. Red Bull

 The Red Bull Headquarters at Salzburg in Austria, has really gone a long way to rope in the top interior designers to create a swanky office with a ping pong meeting room and contemporary seating. This is yet another workplace that has a giant slide for its employees.

4. Denim Design Studio

When you have designers working in an apparel studio, you can certainly not rely on the desk and chair-office model. Some really brilliant interior architects in Istanbul have created a marvellous workplace design and decor for the Denim Design Studio.

The model focuses on providing large flat working spaces for designers with comfortable seating, racks of clothing available just next to them, and plenty of walking space as well. Kudos to this cool design studio in Istanbul!

5. Microsoft 

A mention of the world’s coolest offices would of course be incomplete without the mention of the Microsoft Headquarters situated in Washington. The prime highlight of this place, are the hi-tech touch-screen tablet worktables, while the interiors are done tastefully in line with the ergonomic requirements of employees.


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