10 Design Hacks to Make Your Living Room More Spacious

Oct 08, 2014


Great designing is all about capturing the essence of the space in question, no matter how small or limited it is. A creative residential architect is one who derives the maximum out of limited resources, be it time, money or space. Even when it comes to redecorating or refurbishing your small living room, you can easily create an aura of spaciousness with smart interior designing. Throw in some clever design tricks, play around with colours, lighting and use of multi-functional furniture, and you have a living room that’s not only suave, but also appears more specious!
Here are 10 design hacks that you could experiment with, and see the difference yourself:-
1.      Start with De-cluttering your Space - If the area of your living room is less, going the minimalistic route with furnishings and other stuff is always the right way. Oversized furniture, blocked pathways and excessive clutter will only scatter focus, and make your already small living room appear smaller. So get rid of unnecessary clutter, and opt for simpler design elements, particularly with a single attractive focal point such as a glass centre table that reflects light and provides an aura of space, or one large painting on the wall instead of a cluster of small paintings.
2.      Invoke Versatility with your Furniture- Using multi-functional furniture that could double up as a storage space, or could be used as a table in addition to seating, are some ways of invoking versatility with your furniture to derive the maximum out of limited space.
3.      Lighter Hues as opposed to darker shades- Refrain from using dark colours as they tend to absorb light, which results in a space-shrinking illusion. Opt for light shades that reflect light and work the opposite way.
4.      Ideally use a Monochromatic Colour Scheme- Having an unsynchronized colour scheme imparts a cluttered feel to the room. With a polychromatic colour scheme that uses two to three shades of the same colour for your walls, ceilings and furniture, will impart a seamless flow to your living room, making it appear larger.
5.      Mirror to the rescue!- A strategically placed large mirror is one of the most effective design tricks to provide an expanded feel to your living room space.
6.      Rearrange your furniture to create an illusion of space- Very often, rearranging your furniture at certain angles can make all the difference.
7.      Get creative with lighting- Though natural lighting is the best to impart a view of expanded space, even smart artificial lighting will do the trick.
8.      Don’t let your draperies contrast your walls- The colour of your draperies is pivotal as far as enlarging your living room space is concerned. Using a drapery shade that contrasts your walls will go easy on the eye, and expand the virtual horizons of your living room.
9.      Opt for cool colours and smaller prints- Warm colours are receding and cool colours are expanding. Similarly, smaller prints appear expansive, while larger prints are constrictive. These constitute the fundamentals of design, implemented by all residential interior designers who are well-versed with their trade!
10. Work on concealing your storage area- This is but stating the obvious, because concealed storage as opposed to visible storage, is a neater option and adds to the primness and eventual spaciousness of your room.



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